Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Complete Stockholm Concert (1966)
01. Farewell, Angelina
02. There But For Fortune
03. Te Ador
04. talking with the audience
05. Willie Moore
06. Oh, Freedom
07. It Ain't Me, Babe
08. With God On Our Side
09. We Shall Overcome


Joan was in Stockholm in spring 1966. Swedish National Television (SVT) produced filming appearance in their tv-studio. Filming was probably in April. The concert was divided into two parts, between which Joan responded to questions from the audience. 

For this DVD I used three sources: clips from 2005 SVT rebroadcast, timecoded VHS with full show and part of "We Shall Overcome" from the unknown source. SVT rebroadcast was a very edited version of the original concert. They showed only 4 of 8 songs and imposed additional sound (applauses) in some songs. "Farewell, Angelina" was cuted in the middle and ended imposed by appaluses. 
Timecoded footage, copied from SVT-master to VHS, was originally in NTSC, so I refused any re-encoding in single format (that would worsen the quality) and made DVD in combined PAL & NTSC formats. I recommend watching this DVD primarly on PC. 

Thanks to Rosa Manen, who first shared rebroadcast clips and to Aaron M., for VHS-transfer, which he sent me (2010).


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